iOS 10 beta 3 has not fixed battery problem

After the previous release of the other iOS 10 beta, the third installment of iOS 10 beta just iOS 10 beta 3 has not fixed battery problemreleased. The newest edition is intended to provide with many improvements and this one was no different. Even so, there are some obvious speed changes and increased 3D Touch actions; it might seem that iOS 10 public beta 3 has not resolved battery problems for some.

Some review said that its fine, their battery life only lost a 2 percent during the night, however many users never believe this, because some of them discover the battery drain to be just as bad with iOS 10 public beta 3 and expect that beta 4 will be able to fix the battery life issue with the iOS 10.

There have been greater number of consumers complaining about the beta update, not only with the battery drain issue, also iMessage is buggy within Safari. There are problems with Bluetooth, where it can be miss to get pair, and even with the storage issues.

Users complain with the Weather Channel applications as well, although it can be fix manually by reinstalling the app, yet bug is a bug. Not to mention the the cellular country complaints proving some interesting news.

At the end of the day you just realized that the iOS 10 is still a beta so never get serious about these issue. Start to complain when Apple finally release the full version of iOS 10 in September if there bugs experience. So chill and enjoy for a moment, do not get stress out.


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