Complaints occur over replacement batteries for Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Consumer complaints that replacing batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been overheating and rapidly dropping battery power pressured to confuse the South Korean technology giants unheard of recall its quality smartphone. In South Korea, where Samsung started providing replacement handsets to costumers, the company acknowledged some users had been complaining regarding the replacement handsets, which contain non-removable batteries, on other hand, there is a good thing happening about the cellular country complaints.

In a statement published, Samsung might delay resuming sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in order to finish its recall, citing that some 200,000 users in South Korea have not switch in their older smartphones.

South Korean news network YTN started reporting situations of newly traded smartphones overheating or losing the power battery even they are charged. The complaints have been listed in South Korea. The company refused to verify if related cases were found in other regions.

Samsung could not confirm the number of listed cases, however the complaints might undermine assurance the company has handed the recall correctly.  Samsung spokesperson said that the issue “completely unrelated to batteries,” telling that the incidents “isolated cases” connected to mass production issues.


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