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AT&T to reimbursement $88M to consumers

AT&T will start refunding 2.7 million clients for charged items they hadn’t agreed to including att-to-reimbursement-88m-to-consumerswallpapers, text message subscription and ringtones, the Federal Trade Commission verified.

Regulator reported in 2014 that a total of $88 million could be return to consumers for charges made for selection of services offered by third party providers Tattoo and Acquinity.

Next a extended period of collating and confirming complaints, AT&T will credit present and past consumers within the next 75 days.

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Based to the FTC’s complain, ATT set unauthorized fees on bills for items such as horoscope, love  tips and cat alerts in a strategy called mobile cramming. Despite the fact that some of this cash was handed on to the third party providers, the FTC says ATT kept 35 percent of the fees. The operator modified its payment system following the preliminary investigation.

Chairwoman of FTC Edith Ramirez mentioned: “AT&T received a high volume of complaints related to mobile cramming prior to the FTC and other federal and state agencies stepping in on consumers’ behalf. I am pleased that consumers are now being refunded their money and that AT&T has changed its mobile billing practices.”