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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Have December Security Patch

A few days ago we heard that the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy Note 8 Plus received the December cellular country complaintssecurity update, now it is going to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung has released an OS update for their Note 5 smartphone and together with the security update for December for Google’s Android OS.

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The update will fix numerous vulnerabilities in Android and also comes with some security updates from Samsung. This software update has rolled out in India, it should be coming to more countries soon.

You can check if the software update is available for your device from the settings menu if you install the update.

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AT&T to reimbursement $88M to consumers

AT&T will start refunding 2.7 million clients for charged items they hadn’t agreed to including att-to-reimbursement-88m-to-consumerswallpapers, text message subscription and ringtones, the Federal Trade Commission verified.

Regulator reported in 2014 that a total of $88 million could be return to consumers for charges made for selection of services offered by third party providers Tattoo and Acquinity.

Next a extended period of collating and confirming complaints, AT&T will credit present and past consumers within the next 75 days.

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Based to the FTC’s complain, ATT set unauthorized fees on bills for items such as horoscope, love  tips and cat alerts in a strategy called mobile cramming. Despite the fact that some of this cash was handed on to the third party providers, the FTC says ATT kept 35 percent of the fees. The operator modified its payment system following the preliminary investigation.

Chairwoman of FTC Edith Ramirez mentioned: “AT&T received a high volume of complaints related to mobile cramming prior to the FTC and other federal and state agencies stepping in on consumers’ behalf. I am pleased that consumers are now being refunded their money and that AT&T has changed its mobile billing practices.”

Complaints occur over replacement batteries for Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Consumer complaints that replacing batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been overheating and rapidly dropping battery power pressured to confuse the South Korean technology giants unheard of recall its quality smartphone. In South Korea, where Samsung started providing replacement handsets to costumers, the company acknowledged some users had been complaining regarding the replacement handsets, which contain non-removable batteries, on other hand, there is a good thing happening about the cellular country complaints.

In a statement published, Samsung might delay resuming sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in order to finish its recall, citing that some 200,000 users in South Korea have not switch in their older smartphones.
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Qualcomm files complaints against Meizu

Qualcomm files complaints against MeizuNot one, not two but 17 infringement complaints filed against Chinese device producer Meizu, getting already filed a week ago, after failing to discuss a patent licensing deal without court involvement.

The complaints were submitted in the intellectual courts in Beijing and Shanghai against Meizu for infringing Qualcomm’s patents addressing a broad range of features and tech used in smartphones, such as those relevant to 3G and 4G LTE wireless communication standard, Qualcomm statement.

The company repeated what it had said when they filed the first complaint: that it has for more than a year to discussed “in good faith” with Meizu to sign a patent license contract consistent with terms accepted by China’s National Development and Reform Commission in 2015. Continue reading Qualcomm files complaints against Meizu

Nexus 6P bounded by lots of complaints

Months later the Google Nexus 6P still on the tight spot of complaints by the users. Nexus 6P bounded by lots of complaints

Looks to be a variety of problems along with the device. A few of them are frustrating and others look to be more serious. The most critical problem gets caused users to take their handsets back to the retail outlet.

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Some users complained regarding the Google Nexus 6P moving to landscape mode and it will not be going back to portrait until the device is restarted. Other said that the device locks up when they are taking a call, some complained regarding the handset problem by failing on the touch screen display. By this issue people are returning their handset.

With this many complaints, I’m pretty sure that the company taking some action about the issues of their device. Hopefully we will see a decent Google Nexus 6P in the future.

The top 10 Consumers Complaint of 2015

Last year, 19,088 customers submitted their complaints with Attorney General Roy Cooper’s Consumer Protection canstock16177647Division. To submit a complaint or have tips on preventing problems you may visit ncdoj.gov.

Below are the top consumer complaints of 2015:

Home Repair
It has been a record of 1,179 complaints regarding home construction and repair work. The consumers complain about poor work as well as companies who miss due dates of go over funds. Furthermore, notice from costumers regarding home repair crooks who go door to door guaranteeing to repair your roof of lead your driveway for an advance fee, and then take off without performing the task.

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Complaints with Mobile Phone Provider

Ofcom’s most recent data on consumer is about telecommunications and broadband providers has exposed a drop in total complaints lists at the end of 2015, however confirmed small change in which provider users were complaining about.  TalkTalk and BT had more TV complaints, at 15 and 14 in every 100,000 consumers – which is pretty a bit lower than their statistics last quarter. Ofcoms pay monthly mobile complaints per 100,000 consumers places Voda tightly on the stage.

EE’s main complaint related to mistake, service and provision problems; method of handling complaints, billing, pricing and charging complaints.

On other hand, EE once again the most complained about broadband provider, even though complaints to Ofcom regarding it dropped between October and December to 34% for every 100,000 consumers, form 45 the past quarter. However, the pay-monthly mobile industry was the only one to observe the rise in complaints right after the Vodafone problems. Vodafone apologize to affected consumers next the company high complex switch-over of clients on to its new payment system.

We will continue
Nevertheless, broadband and fixed line providers continued to produce the highest number of complaints during this time, not for the cellular country complaints. The Regulator mentioned it draws just under 300 telecom complaints a day from their clients.

The United Kingdom broadcast regulators Smartphone Cities document that a test show successfully stream in high definition within 97 percent tries on EE’s 4G network in comparison with 87 percent on Vodafone and 85 percent on O2.