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Nexus 6P bounded by lots of complaints

Months later the Google Nexus 6P still on the tight spot of complaints by the users. Nexus 6P bounded by lots of complaints

Looks to be a variety of problems along with the device. A few of them are frustrating and others look to be more serious. The most critical problem gets caused users to take their handsets back to the retail outlet.

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Some users complained regarding the Google Nexus 6P moving to landscape mode and it will not be going back to portrait until the device is restarted. Other said that the device locks up when they are taking a call, some complained regarding the handset problem by failing on the touch screen display. By this issue people are returning their handset.

With this many complaints, I’m pretty sure that the company taking some action about the issues of their device. Hopefully we will see a decent Google Nexus 6P in the future.