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iPhone 6 Plus explode as she slept next to it

FLORIDA – iPhone 6 plus user posted online that her handset all of a sudden burst into flames iphone-6-plus-explode-as-she-slept-next-to-itwhile it charged on a nightstand.

Amanda Bentz of Tampa Bay stated from CBS news affiliate WTSP pertaining to her iPHone 6 Plus,

“It woke me up… the flames itself. There was no warning. It didn’t start sparking, smoking… nothing. Out of nowhere it just burst into flames.”  Pertaining to her iPhone 6 Plus explosive episode. Amanda was using an Apple charger to recharge her iPhone when the incident happened.

Amanda husband Kyle posted the experience on his Facebook page, warning people to be very cautious of charging any phone next to them as they slept.

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“It’s a little scary waking up to your wife’s iPhone 6 Plus on fire right next to her head,” Kyle narrated.

“It was blowing fire out scorched her pillow case earrings and drapes… Not sure what happened it’s something internal because charger was not warm at all,” he continued.

Bentz is expecting to get a replacement unit. Apple has requested for a $749 hold on Bentz’s credit card, which will be released back to her once she has delivered the damaged iPhone back to the company.