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Rumor release date of MacBook Air 2016

cellular country complaintsJune is month of gadgets; many tech giants will join the Worldwide Developers Conference or the WWDC on June 13-16. As the date closer, many fans wondering that the MacBook Air 2016 will be revealed together with the McBook Pro 2016.

Based to Taiwanese post in Economic Daily News, as interpreted by Australian Network news, Apple will be providing MacBook Air series for this year however it will occur with adjustments. One of this adjustment is the discontinuation of the 11inch version that may be developed to be slimmer and lighter. Moreover, the MacBook Air is said to have an extended battery life, and the same is expected for the MacBook Pro. Furthermore, the laptops will have said to be arrive with Touch ID and Force Touch features.

Apple fanatics should not miss this coming event that might be considered a landmark revelation.